Spiral Skies Bellydance

Thank you a wonderful 11 years Billings, MT and beyond!

A spiral is not stagnant: depending on how you look at it, it either represents growth as it moves outward or centering as it goes inward.” ~ Julie

Spiral Skies is embracing this moment to allow our spiral to grow and spiral out...

First, we want to thank the community - performers and fans alike - who have supported us for the 11 years since we debuted the Yellowstone Valley Bellydance Festival. We respect you all and have infinite gratitude for your backing.

Spiral Skies Belly Dance has decide to disband as a group. 
After we talked for a long time, we have agreed to bring SSBD to an end. Our disbandment is a disappointing thing, but we believe that it is the best way to support the road that each member wants. We thank everyone, once again, for the large support we have received over the years.

Please show your warm support and interest to all the Spiral Skies members as they will still be creating many fun and exciting events for belly dance in Billings. So many new dance adventures!

All of our members have worked so hard over the years to create the festival, soiree and many other spectacular events in Billings. We want to thank each and every member of this troupe past and present, from our Raks Alimah days to Spiral Skies Bellydance. All of our hard work paid off and now we’re paying it forward to our community!

We are donating all remaining assets to non-profits. Chosen by the final 9 members, we are donating to: CASA, Boys & Girls Club, Planned Parenthood, Tumbleweed Runaway Program, Rimrock Humane Society & BACA, Wise Wonders, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Prison Paws and Tails as Old as Time senior dog rescue.

All the memories we’ve made together, we will remember and cherish forever! Thank you for everything!

With love and light,

~ Spiral Skies Bellydance